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2024/07/19 07:58:09

Register Online for the Livestream Service

You will need to register in order to purchase and issue livestream tokens.

Please register your details using our simple sign-up registation form. 

Sign into your account here.  

You can purchase livestream tokens and then issue broadcast and audience links.  

How to Broadcast a Livestream Event

Use the broadcast link on your iPhone to download and launch the Assure Live app.

You are responsible for your own safety, health and welfare and that of people around you, when you are live streaming. 
Please be aware of your surroundings and do not take undue risks.  
Avoid walking, climbing or undertaking high-risk activities during live streaming. 

phone charged

Make sure that your phone is fully charged, before you start your livestream. 

phone charged

Clean the lens of the rear facing camera (main camera). A clean lens will really help the quality of the livestream. 

phone charged

Check your data connection, either using WiFi or mobile data (preferably 4G as minimum). 

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Unlock the screen rotate, so that you can broadcast the livestream in landscape mode. 

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Turn on your audio on the phone (unmute), so that you will be able to hear your audience during the livestream. 

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You can either click the link in the email that you have received or you can paste the token in the email, to setup your livestream event. 

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You can click the Share button to send the audience link to everyone that you want to join and view your livestream. 

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When ready to broadcast, rotate your phone, so that you are shooting in landscape mode. 

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During your livestream, your audience will be able to give you feedback, by talking and sending messages. 

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After the broadcast, you can go to the audience link, to view and download your livestream.
Please note that videos will be automatically deleted after seven days. Please ensure you download your video within this period. 

Watching a Livestream Event

Use the audience link to view the livestream event at the scheduled time.

You do not need to register in advance. Just click the audience link and the livestream will automatically appear once the broadcast starts. 

During the livestream event you can talk directly with the person broadcasting and the rest of the audience. You can also provide text feedback and can point to elements in the livestream using you mouse.