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2024/07/19 05:41:00

Secure Livestream For Remote Inspections

We want to make it easy for you to schedule and undertake livestream events.
The purpose is completely open to you:
 - an inspection or walk-down.
 - a technical review.
 - a building control inspection (BCAR).
 - a factory acceptance test (FAT).
 - a construction inspection.
 - a quality inspection.
 - a safety audit.

Easy to Schedule Livestream Events

When you purchase a livestream token, you will receive a broadcasting link (to use with the Assure Live app on your iPhone) and an audience link (which you can share with people who you want to attend the livestream).
Please see the How To page for further information.

Simple Tools

Our Point and press broadcasting makes it super easy for you to show your location to people who are remote.


As a broadcaster, both you and your audience will get one-off secure links to your livestream event. 

Easy to Share

You can easily download the broadcast as a video, shortly after you end your livestream event.

Being Present, from Afar

Audiences can interact with you are direct which area they would like to see during the livestream event. 

Any Remote Interaction

Use livestreaming for any remote work interaction, where you can direct the direction and pace. 

Two-way Communication

Talk directly with people during the livestream event and provide feedback on positive/negative observations.